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Aiming to be the leader in the seasoning business in Thailand. As your taste Your happiness Using the company's long-standing experience and expertise Seasoning Sauce Factory All kinds of sauces With honesty to customers In order to make customers rely on service And product quality


Manufacturing - made sauces,
condiments, sauces,
all kinds of OEM
experience with more than 32 years,
has been certified factory GMP & HACCP.


OEM production for condiments,
sauces, dips of all kinds.
-Free FDA registration fee
-Free expert consultation
-Free marketing consultation


Easy to own a business create your own brand

  Consulting and production goals until packaging design Have a marketing consultant

Factory accepts OEM production, divided into 2 types.

  1. Produce according to customer’s formula The customer already has the exact formula.
  2. To develop a new formula for customers in the event that the customer does not have a formula, the company is willing to create a new formula for the customer or in the event that the customer has an existing formula, but wants to improve it, we are happy to develop the formula for the finished formula. Keep it as a secret recipe for customers only.
We produce all kinds of sauces. by standard factory

NF Interfood Co., Ltd. is the leader in Thai condiments business as your taste, your happiness. Use the experience and expertise of a long-standing company.

Seasoning Sauce Factory – Seasoning Sauce Manufacturing – Light Soy Sauce – Seasoning Sauce – Dark Soy Sauce
– Get real fish sauce production Mixed fish sauce production All purpose fish sauce
– produce sauces, sweet sauces, chicken sauces – produce chili sauces – produce suki sauces
– Producing seafood sauce Seafood Sauce with Mayonnaise
– Seasoning sauce production – Tom Yum sauce production – Teriyaki sauce production – Unagi sauce sweet and sour sauce production – Korean chicken sauce production
– Production of stir-fried basil sauce – Black pepper sauce production – Oyster sauce production
– Producing 5% Distilled Vinegar – Producing Pork Seasoning Powder, Chicken Seasoning Powder

I want to be a business owner, build a brand, make sauces, produce sauces Can produce all kinds can be made according to customer’s formula and develop new formulas

With honesty to customers so that customers are satisfied with the service and product quality for restaurant business food industry or those who want to use a large quantity of sauces If interested, ask for samples from the factory for free.

Our sauces


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Start production

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The factory has been standardized.

GMP & HACCP factory certified for good quality control. Before delivery to consumers We focus on product quality.
And inexpensive